Timekeeping and Payroll Services

Help organize and simplify the payroll functions by keeping track of the working hours performed by the employees, the computation and filing of mandatory benefits and withholding taxes, salary deductions and the overall computation of employee wages.
Responsible for Compiling and posting employee payroll data and manages hours clocked. Creates and distributes paychecks in accordance with hours worked and corrects paycheck errors.


  • Compute earnings of workers by referring to their annual salary or timesheet to discover hours worked.
  • Initiate payroll during appropriate time and print off checks.
  • Verify attendance, hours worked, and pay adjustments, and post information onto designated records.
  • Have checks signed off and approved by manager.
  • Distribute checks to employees.
  • Handle complaints or questions regarding discrepancies.
  • Factor in vacation or sick pay when computing earnings.
  • Check exempt and non-exempt statuses of employees.
  • Close out paycheck cycle after termination.
  • Perform calculations from worksheets and work tickets.
  • Check electronic data for errors.
  • Compile employee time, production, and payroll data from time sheets and other records.
  • Calculate and include deductions, such as income tax withholding, Social Security payments, insurance, and union dues.
  • Garnish wages due to child support or IRS intervention.
  • Manage input of bonuses and commission.
  • Distribute timecards.
  • Ensure timecards have proper signatures upon submission.
  • Utilize payroll software.
  • Manage compensation packages.
  • Balance payroll runs.