Business process outsourcing (BPO) is a type of outsourcing wherein a third-party service provider is employed to carry out one or more business functions in a company. The third party is responsible for carrying out all operations related to the business function.

Administrative Services

Means services pertaining to personnel, payroll, property management, benefits, human resource management, financial planning, management, contract and subcontract management, facilities management, and other similar services.


Refers to the process of raising and sending invoices to customers and requesting them to settle their dues; while Accounting applies to the process of recording financial transactions pertaining to the business.

Timekeeping and Payroll Services

Help organize and simplify the payroll functions by keeping track of the working hours performed by the employees, the computation and filing of mandatory benefits and withholding taxes, salary deductions and the overall computation of employee wages.


The process of identifying, evaluating, recruiting and hiring eligible candidates in the organization or company for specific positions. Training is a program that is designed to increase the technical skills, knowledge, efficiency, and value creation of an employee to do any specific job in a much efficient way.


The act of sourcing, acquiring, and buying goods, services or works from an external source. Logistics, meanwhile, is a part of the supply chain that handles the transport of any material (raw or finished product) across the supply chain.


Refer to all activities that lead to the selling of goods and services. While Marketing is the process of getting people interested in the goods and services being sold.

Human Resources

Used to describe both the people who work for a company or organization and the department responsible for the management and development of employees in the organization.

Management Consultancy

The act of helping companies to improve their performance by utilizing the best practices within the industry based on the consultant’s experience, exposure to, and relationships with numerous organizations.