The process of identifying, evaluating, recruiting and hiring eligible candidates in the organization or company for specific positions. Training is a program that is designed to increase the technical skills, knowledge, efficiency, and value creation of an employee to do any specific job in a much efficient way.
  • Plan, organize and implement sustainable staffing strategy
  • Investigate company’s staffing needs and take actions to staff accordingly
  • Work with recruiting agencies when needed
  • Identify hard to fill roles and take proactive actions
  • Assist in candidate screening and interviewing
  • Assist in new employee onboarding
  • Evaluate new staff
  • Assist with new employee orientation
  • Design and plan work shifts schedules
  • Provide assistance¬†with payroll procedures and activities
  • Identify staffing and recruiting KPIs
  • Prepare and present KPI reports
  • Create and present and submit reports for upper management